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Pronounced /ˈplanət dē är/

PlanITDR began as the brain child of MSP’s looking for a solution to a problem MSP’s know all too well. A DR plan doesn’t usually happen quickly after the sale of a DR solution.

In fact, including a DR plan that’s solid and can be tested against the system is often a bottleneck in the process. Because of the need for a solution that allowed MSP’s to be able to check off everything on the list of deliverables to the customer, PlanITDR was born.

By MSP’s for MSP’s

Finally, a way to turn a process that could take days into a process that only takes minutes!

A system you can trust, PlanITDR was built by MSP’s for MSP’s. Isn’t it time that your Clients stop worrying, and spend more time running their business instead of figuring out whether they got the plan right or not. With PlanITDR, start creating your first, second or third DR plan today with PlanITDR!

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